Our firm was founded with the goal of providing innovative legal services to South Carolina families, and we represent clients from throughout the State of South Carolina.

Using a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, we attempt to deliver legal services with an emphasis on individualized attention to our clients’ needs using a well-trained staff, a commitment to the latest legal and technology trends, and our best efforts to provide quality legal services in a timely fashion.

At Payne Black and Pickelsimer, LLC, we try to help our clients reach a solution, not be part of the problem.  For that reason, our efforts are geared as much as possible to practice preventative law and help clients make wise choices from the options available.  However, when conflict can not be avoided, we fiercely protect our clients’ interests.

Since our practice is limited to matters involving the family as outlined on this Website, we recognize that we cannot be all things to all people. Therefore, if your legal needs require services in an area not available through our firm, we maintain contacts with excellent law firms throughout the South Carolina and the nation, and will assist you in locating a lawyer with the experience and knowledge necessary to meet your needs.

We sincerely appreciate your taking the time to consider what our firm has to offer for you and your family. We maintain offices in downtown Columbia and Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Mitchell C. Payne
Charles M. Black, Jr.
Max N. Pickelsimer
Members, Payne Black & Pickelsimer, LLC